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Halal Food Catering

Halal Catering is a food provision done by using “Halal” (Islamically permissible by Muslims) food and ingredients. It has been practiced in Islamic social events in Malaysia like Muslim wedding, open house, or Islam religious festivals. As more than half of the citizens in Malaysia consist of Muslims, it is essential for the non-Muslims to know the guidelines before preparing a Halal catering for the Muslims during a particular event.

Organic Halal Food Catering

7 guidelines for preparing Halal Catering:

The following 7 guidelines are provided by our beloved client in which they are specialize in Halal Food Catering Services. In Malaysia, restaurant or caterer with their food certified Halal is an honour whereby it proved the quality and hygiene of their food.

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1. Understand the guidelines used for Halal meat preparation.

If you planned to have meat dishes during a particular event, inform the Halal Caterer and make sure Islamic-permissible (Halal) meat is used. Example of Halal meat is beef while the non-Halal meat is pork (pork is strictly forbidden to eat in Islamic religion). On the other hand, Halal meat can be categorized into two, which is Zahiba and non-Zahiba. If the beef is produced from the cow killed via Islamic-slaughter standard (Zahiba), then it considered as Zahiba meat and is acceptable by Muslims to eat. One should take note that Muslims should not consume a non-Zahiba meat.

2. Offer a list of Halal Ingredients used in food preparation.

It is not only the types of the meat, but also there are ingredients used in food which can be non-Halal to the Muslims. Example of the non-Halal ingredients is Gelatin (which is extracted from swine), Lard (a type of fat found from the abdominal cavity of a pig), Pepsin (a type of the enzyme particularly found from the pig stomach) and so on. As such, Halal Caterer is responsible to provide a list of Halal ingredients for the Muslims in order to enjoy their meal at ease. Stating all the ingredients used in the food served is a big help for the Muslims to avoid consuming non-Halal food.

Halal Buffet Catering

3. Minimal use of animal-shortenings and animal-based stock.

Halal caterer should provide a Halal food catering with little, or without using the animal- shortenings. This is because most of the extract origin derived from animal source is under suspicion. We could not pass the judgement whether the animal shortenings or animal- based stock is Zahiba or not. It is wiser to use pure-vegetable shortenings to replace animal- based shortenings.

4. Avoid preparation of alcoholic products.

One should know that all types of alcohol is non-Halal to the Muslims. As such, Halal caterer should exclude all types of alcoholic products from the Halal catering services.

Halal Caterer

5. Preparation of food with clean hands.

Some states set up a strong regulation where all the food supplying industries should pay attention in preparing hygiene good. Therefore, Halal caterer should keep in mind to maintain a good personal hygiene while preparing a halal food.

6. Proper Dress Code of the Halal Caterer

Should the Halal Caterer in charge with the food serving, be sure to inform them about the appropriate dressing during the event. Any dressing is fine as long as having the arm, legs and body covered in well manner. In-appropriate dress code may result in Muslims losing confidence in buying Halal catering service.

7. Islamic protocol of interactions between different genders.

Halal food caterer should take note that services should be provided to the client with the same gender as the provider. In general, male caterer serves male guest while female caterer serves female guests even though this practice is not really demanding in this day and age.

MakCik Cafe & Catering

A halal food caterer, known as MakCik Cafe & Catering. Their food products are basically made from Halal bread and cakes. With 30 years of well-known experiences in bakery, this Halal food caterer has earned a global market sales from delivering wide ranging Halal bakery products such as Puff Pastry, Danish, Cakes, Breads, Muffins, Doughnuts, Hard and Soft Rolls, Croissants and Pies. One of their signature product is Halal Shell Curry Puff.

WYK Catering

WYK- Caterer famous in delivering all pork-free food. They have multiple selections of the buffet sets, offering flexibility for customers to choose any of the Halal Buffet Set as shown below:

Not sure which to choose? Here’s a quick action you could use 012-3907703 or WhatsApp

• Buffet Set A – Total of 15 dishes including chicken wings, fish fillet, vegetables, fried mee- hoon, fruits, nyonya cakes and with only 32.80 per pax.
• Buffet Set B – Total of 15 dishes, including our signature curry chicken, friend wantons, combinations of three vegetable, Cantonese fried rice with shrimp, desserts and with only RM33.80 per pax.
• Buffet Set C – Total of 16 dishes, including Kam Heong style green mussels, Rendang chicken, smoked duck slices, seafood fried rice, fruits, dessert and with only for RM35.80 per pax.
• Buffet Set D – Total of 17 dishes, including a Yong Tau Fu trio, curry mutton, mushrooms and braised fishmaw with slices of abalone, fried rice and with only RM37.80 per pax.
• Buffet Set E – Total of 18 dishes, including options like black pepper lamb chops, deep fried stingray, seafood rolls, fried meehoon with clams, dessert and with only RM43.80 per pax.
• Buffet Set F (Full Moon Package)- Total of 16 dishes including fried wantons with shrimp, Thai style fish fillet, curry chicken, ang ku kuih, and red eggs with only RM34.80 per pax.